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A hairdresser will teach you! The secret to perming to keep gray hair beautiful during the transition period

Hello. I am CHINATSU, the designer of MAGNOLiA, a hair salon in Aoyama, Tokyo.
The clients who come to our salon are adults in their 50s and above who are worried about their gray hair,  such as `` I'm worried about my gray hair.'' ``I'm tired of dying my hair ..." and "I want to transition to grayhair!".

We also hold seminars across the country and publish technical textbooks to provide hairdressers with knowledge and techniques.

▲ Clientss with gray hair

▲ Technical textbook for hairdressers

Recently, it has become common to see women in the city who are enjoying gray hair by taking advantage of their natural gray hair.

I'm very happy that there are many people who enjoy their hair as it is, as part of their hair design.

On the other hand, the most troublesome part for those aiming for gray hair is the "transition period .

Add highlights to adjust your overall hair color, or hide your hairline with items like hats and headbands.

Recently, more and more people are getting perms to get through the "transition period".

At MAGNOLiA, we offer perm designs to many customers every day.

This time,in this blog, I will write down the key points of permed hair that will make your transition to gray hair look beautiful .

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Q.Why does permed hair keep you comfortable  for the transition period?

The purpose of suggesting perms to clients who are in transition is to make the boundaries between retouches less noticeable .

The reason for this is that perming creates movement and three-dimensionality in your hairstyle, making the color border more noticeable than with straight hair .

Permed hair that keeps comfortable for the transition period

"C curl short bob"

A short bob hairstyle with a C curl perm in each section.

By rubbing it with wax, you can increase the three-dimensional effect and take advantage of the gradation of black, white, and dyed areas.

Recommended for those who want roundness at the back of the head or volume at the roots.

"S Curl Midi"

A hairstyle with medium diamond-shaped hair with layers throughout and an S curl perm.

The touch of elegant curves brings out the beauty of the person while adding elegance.

The diamond-shaped form creates a lifting effect, and the soft movement of the permed hair creates a feminine look.

This perm style suits various contour types.

"Random C curl short"

This model was in the midst of a gray hair transition period.

The random movement of the ends of the hair, bouncing outward and inward, creates a natural border for retouching.

The asymmetrical bangs add contrast to the frame and lead to a French chic feminine image.

It is also recommended for those who want to take advantage of their curls and waves.



I hope you all feel at ease during the transition period to gray hair.

A perm will definitely give you a boost on your way to gray hair.

May growing older turn into fun.

MAGNOLiA homepage . Leading the industry in perms, we also publish perm books for hairdressers. We create beauty with perms to suit a wide variety of hair concerns and needs. That is MAGNOLiA's greatest strength. We will welcome you with courteous customer service and reliable technology. Click here for CHINATSU profile 

In 2010, joined the hair salon "MAGNOLiA" in Aoyama, Tokyo.

She is currently active as a top stylist in a wide range of areas including salon work, photography, and reporting.
Among them, he has received numerous offers from media for the adult generation, such as ``Precious'' (Shogakukan), ``Croissant'', ``Kuunelle'' (Magazine House), and ``Snicely That Person'' (Takarajimasha).

She has a reputation for a wide range of hairstyles, from covering women's thin hair to graceful perm designs that take advantage of gray hair, and also supports the beauty of middle and senior generations with her "gray color technique" that sublimates gray hair into a fashionable one. .

Her hobby is solo travel around the world. Since traveling around Europe as a teenager, she has visited over 20 countries in search of historical romance and art. Click here for list of press release magazines


< 頭頂部のボリュームが気になる方に!プリカールの再現性とリピーターが多い理由  |  一覧へ戻る  |  忙しい40代、50代の大人世代に向けたパーマ提案 >



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